Tuscan recipe that you absolutely must try

One of the main things that spring to mind when thinking of Tuscany is undoubtedly its flawless culinary tradition that is appreciated worldwide.
Due to the simplicity of the dishes it offers, Tuscan cuisine satisfies everyone’s needs!

Do you know why the most traditional dishes of Tuscan cuisine are so simple but tasty?
In the past, the peasant population of our region had only the food from their crops, so they created simple dishes with a few ingredients and cleverly combined them to satisfy their fancy without wasting food (the non-wasting of food was in fact a salient point of Tuscan cooking, everything was needed and nothing was wasted).

One of the most famous recipes is undoubted ‘pappa al pomodoro’, an appetiser composed of stale bread, tomato sauce and seasonings, perfect for a light but tasty lunch. 
Here you will find the recipe for pappa al pomodoro using some of the ingredients from our Da Vinci gift box, a perfect solution to fill your pantry with products from Tuscany

Smart tip:
for a delicious pappa al pomodoro make sure to use good quality extra virgin olive oil

Discover Pappa al Pomodoro recipe