An opportunity to savour the local food and wine.

The Maremma is worth a visit just for an opportunity to savour the local food and wine.

Tenuta Fattoria Vecchia offers a chance to taste the many flavours of traditional Tuscan Maremma cuisine which is based on simple traditional recipes made using only high-quality local produces.

THEMES EVENINGS:  due to the success in the several “test” evenings made, we have decided to implement regularly few “evening theme” events as recurrent every week:

  • PIZZE NAPOLETANE IN FATTORIA : a “pizza only” evening with the famous “giro pizza”, made by a Napolitan pizza maker. Begin with a  starter dish with two different tastes of fried pizzas, a slice of each taste 5 different pizzas and as final touch, a dessert by pizza dough!

A fantastic pizza experience, with the possibility to try several tastes of THE real Italian pizza , made by professionals like is made in Naples! The pizza day date, is decided each week, based on occupation of the rooms.

PS. a minimum number of people is required to organize the event

  • MAREMMAN TASTING DINNER : a night with a fixed menu, made by a starter, a first course, a main course and a dessert, ALL based on Maremman traditional  dishes . To taste a bit of all in one! Fattoria’s staff choose the day weekly, based on occupation and bookings.
  • DINNER FROM THE SEA : a full menu (starter,  first course and main course), all based on fish products. Dessert as Fattoria’s choice of the week. Fattoria’s staff choose the day weekly, based on occupation and bookings.

CLOSING DAYS :  instead of closing – as other places normally do – on Mondays and Tuesdays, we have made the decision to close Saturdays, to facilitate our guest in finding alternative places open.  Please liaise with our staff to make recommendation and bookings for you during your stay!

PS occasionally we might change the closing days in a certain week, based on a particular situation of the room occupation and/or on special events


  • During the closing days of the restaurant, please note that the reception closes at 17.00 and will be active only the cell number 347 723 6829, for emergencies only.