Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pack of 6 x 250 ml, 100% Italian, Processed within 12 Hours from Harvesting


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  • BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT: Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained exclusively from organic olives harvested in Italy. Local product, processed within 12 hours from harvesting
  • PERFECT AS A TASTING: 6-pack of 0.25 L bottles for tasting a quality organic extra virgin olive oil at the table
  • UNIQUE TASTE: Fior d’Olio organic olive oil is characterized by a marked green color typical of October processing. Fresh to the palate, it may present aromatic flavors that determine its taste and typicality. A product of excellence in the Italian tradition, extra virgin olive oil brings numerous health benefits and has anti-aging effects thanks to the presence of vitamin E, polyphenols and carotenoids.
  • QUALITY AT THE TABLE: Taste the biological extra virgin olive oil on a slice of warm, freshly baked bread, as per Tuscan tradition, or use it daily to season your favorite dishes
  • 100% ITALIAN: The Cooperativa Sociale Agricola Oleificio Aldobrandeschi is located in Tuscany in the Municipality of Campagnatico in the Province of Grosseto and produces oil made only from Italian olives