Our organic products Tenuta Fattoria Vecchia

prodotti tenuta fattoria vecchia

The passion for our beloved Maremma and for good food has inspired our latest project aimed to enhance our territory and the “Made in Tuscany”, prioritizing the sustainability of our environment. Food, well-being and tradition are the basis of our philosophy of Fattoria.

In March 2021 we have been certified as “Organic Company” from the specialised body BioAgricert; this certificate allow us to continuous develop a line of high quality organic products, firstly offered to our guests in Fattoria, where with our menus, we offer high quality, healthy and tasty organic products in our restaurant, from jams to nectars based on goji berries locally produced or our organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from our land.

Visit our shop section and discover our products: https://www.tenutafattoriavecchia.com/shop/