How well do you know italian proverbs & idioms? A guide to the most used in Tuscany

proverbi italiani

Italy is a country steeped in history, culture, and traditions, and one of the charming aspects of Italian culture is its rich collection of proverbs and sayings. These concise and often poetic expressions encapsulate the wisdom and experiences of old generations. Among the various regions of Italy, Tuscany boasts a unique set of proverbs that reflect the local way of life. So, how well do you know Italian proverbs, especially those commonly used in Tuscany?

Let’s uncover them together!

Italian proverbs often convey practical advice, humor, and timeless truths. Let’s delve into a few popular Italian proverbs, particularly those hailing from our region.

“A buon intenditor, poche parole”

Translation: “To a good understanding, few words.
Meaning: This proverb suggests that those with good understanding or wisdom will comprehend implicitly and won’t need many explanations.

“L’appetito vien mangiando”Translation: “Appetite comes with eating.”
Meaning: This saying reflects the concept that appetite increases as you eat.

“Tra il dire e il fare, c’è di mezzo il mare”
Translation: “Between saying and doing, there’s the sea in between.”
Meaning: This proverb underscores the difference between talking and acting, emphasizing the difficulties or distances between intention and actual action.

“Cielo apecorelle, acqua a catinelle.”
Translation: “Sheepish sky, water in basins.”
Meaning: Describes a sky covered with dark or white clouds resembling a flock of sheep, anticipating a strong storm with intense rainfall, as if it were falling in basins or buckets.

-> Are you sure you still need your phone for checking the weather while on vacation at Fattoria? 🙂

“A tavola non si invecchia”
Translation: “At the table, one does not age.”
Meaning: In a convivial context, during a meal, time seems to stand still or even regress, suggesting that the pleasure of food and companionship can create a timeless atmosphere.


The Tuscan proverbs mentioned here provide a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage.
So, how well did you fare in this exploration of Italian proverbs? There’s always more to discover in the world of these captivating expressions. Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)

Do you have any proverbs or idioms in your region? Write them in the comments!