Harvesting Traditions: A day through our maremma’s olive groves

In the picturesque area of Maremma, where nature seamlessly intertwines with the legacy of generations, the annual olive harvest stands as a timeless tradition.

The cultivation of olives in Maremma is a year-round endeavor marked by meticulous care and attention. From pruning to pest control, every step in the cultivation process is undertaken to

foster healthy, robust olive trees. This commitment to excellence sets the stage for a fruitful harvest.

The art of olive harvesting in Maremma is a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques.

While hand-picking remains a fundamental method, especially in our area, the integration of modern machinery ensures efficiency without compromising the integrity of the olives.

The culmination of the harvest reveals the true bounty of Maremma—olives plump with flavor and potential. The terroir of Maremma, with its unique climate and soil characteristics, gives

to the olives a very high quality.

Are you ready to taste our freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil?