Grosseto and the Maremma

Approx. 24km from the Tenuta Fattoria Vecchia.

Grosseto is the main town of the Maremma and largest in the region. It is a busy industrial town whose primary activities are agriculture, the service industry and tourism.

The main attractions in Grosseto are:

  • The fifteenth century Medici wall
    Restoration work has recently been completed to return the town wall to its ancient splendour. The original wall dates back to 973, whilst the present-day construction was completed at the end of the sixteenth century by Ferdinando I de’ Medici.
  • The San Lorenzo Cathedral
    The Gothic style cathedral was built in honour of the town’s patron and dates back to the early fourteenth century. It houses the baptismal font, the altar of the Madonna, the stoup and the Madonna delle Grazie. It also still retains its original nineteenth-century stained glass windows.
  • Maremma Archaeological Museum
    This is one of Italy’s most important Etruscan collections and also houses Roman and mediaeval finds. Inaugurated in 1998, it is in housed in the Palazzo di Piazza Baccarini.