Agriturismo Monte Amiata

Approx. 50km from the Tenuta Fattoria Vecchia

Monte Amiata forms part of the provinces of Grosseto and Siena and towers over the surrounding valleys from a height of 1,738 metres.

You can explore the woods and forests on foot or by bike to discover the multitude of plants and animals the region has to offer and enjoy relaxing in the pursuit of nature and enchanting panoramas: Amiata is actually a lone peak meaning that on clear days you can see hundreds of kilometres away.

Monte Amiata is also home to an array of traditional produce: the lower part of the region is characterized by its vineyards and olive groves, while the higher part is home to produce from the subsoil, in particular chestnuts that have already been granted PDO certification and mushrooms (in the process of acquiring PGI certification). There are many local festivals and festivities all year round that pay homage to these products.

For sports lovers, there are various winter and summer sports facilities.

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