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When accessing the website or using one of our services, our system or that of one of our partners may set or read cookies and/or other types of identifiers of the browser and/or device you are using. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer of the person who is browsing a website in order to record certain information about the visit, but also to create a system that allows for the user to be recognised even at a later stage. Device identifiers, instead, are generated by collecting and processing specific information such as the IP address and/or the user agent (browser version, type and version of the operating system), or other device characteristics in order to link certain information to a specific user. A website may set a cookie on your browser only if this is configured in the browser preferences. Please note that a browser can allow a specific website to access exclusively the cookies set by the website itself and not those set by other websites, therefore your privacy is not at risk in any way.


Practices related to cookies and other similar technologies or its partners may use cookies or other types of identifiers for a number of reasons, including:

  • Providing access to reserved areas of the site that can be accessed only by logging in (this is the case of “technical” cookies, which are used to maintain the browsing session and/or to facilitate subsequent access from the same device).
  • Keeping track of user preferences while the user is using the site and/or services included in it or connected to it.
  • Offering advertising and/or content relevant to the visitor’s interests (only third-party cookies).
  • Carrying out statistical analysis (analytics) on the use of the site and/or of the services included in it.
  • Conducting research to improve the content, products and services of or of its partners.


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