Olive harvest in Tuscany

This year, although the days have already shortened, autumn still gives us days of warm sunshine. As some of you are aware, this period is crucial for the olive harvest in Tuscany.

The harvest season can vary from October to December depending on several factors such as the climate, the area where the olive trees are located, and the type of tree planted.

But how to recognize when the olives are ripe?

An easy way to understand if the olives are ripe is to observe their color. Firstly, it is important to know that the color may vary depending on the type of olive tree being considered. In general, when the olives are green and spicy tasting, it means that they are still unripe, while a dark color (purplish tending to black) indicates that the olives are ripe.

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Here, we’d like to share with you an easy recipe from Tuscan cuisine that will leave your loved ones and friends speechless with its deliciousness. 

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